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About Us, Every Girl Africa

The Next-door community for every girl in Africa.

Welcome! Every Girl Africa is the next-door community for every African girl, a place where African girls celebrate one another and bond over common interests, passion, and purpose. It is a hub where great relationships are built, lessons are learned, inspirations are met, and ultimately where every girl in Africa finds home. The EGA Community provides this platform to help foster relationships with every girl in Africa, as we hope to inspire healthier communities, and set clear paths for meaningful interaction. This platform provides information, resources, guidance, and a place where every girl in Africa can find a bandwidth of beneficial information and answers quickly. You can share your experiences and ideas, bounce off those ideas with each other and work through problems. You can meet new people who share similar passions and interests here.

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Every Girl Africa is on a mission to inspire healthier communities, and set clear paths for positive conduct and meaningful interaction. We believe that for every person to actualize their true desire for change, growth, and true potentials, they must develop the right attitudes, explore their strengths, apply their passion, become more attuned to their purpose, and develop their skills so that they can be all they can be.

Every Girl Africa is a safe and supportive community of African girls who build positive relationships with one another, support each other, experience new opportunities, and strengthen their sense of worth.


Our vision is to build a community of strong-willed African girls who set marks and shatter glass ceilings.

Our Core Values

Inclusion – We welcome everyone to our community, and value the diversity within communities and their contributions.

We encourage and support every girl in Africa to explore, learn, unlearn, and develop skills that enable them to achieve their dreams, while establishing the essence of self-awareness and personal growth.

We don’t have all the answers, but our word is our bond, and we nurture our strong moral principles and remain accountable for our actions.

Interconnection – We recognize that our work is only as effective as the relationships we build and maintain. We want to learn from others as well as we want to teach others.

Conviction – We believe that our conviction reflects the essence of who we are, as we value activities that spring from disciplined habits of the mind and inspires action and change for every girl in Africa.

Process – We believe that community development and change begins with individual people and that growth is a process for any individual, and in any community.

Collaboration – We value working together with communities and partners within or across sectors, and we create partnerships with the intention that our partners and clients evolve as people and expand their capabilities.

Meet the Founder

Writer, Creativity Consultant, Digital Media Strategist, & CEO.

“You have the power to decide what you want for yourself, and if you decide you don’t have the strength for it, then you won’t.”


Our team is growing! We are currently welcoming contributors.

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