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Are You Frugal Francesca Or Spendthrift Stacey? Take The Money Personality Test.

Take The Money Personality Test, Every Girl Africa

There are five main money personalities, which according to experts explain the relationship we have with money – how we perceive money, how we use it, and how we react in money situations. 

Understanding your money personality is the first step to understanding your approach to spending, saving, and investing.


The five money personalities:

The Penny hoarder/Frugal Francesca

The penny hoarder (you can call her Frugal Francesca) is the girl who believes there’s never enough money.

Money is a limited resource so when it comes, she manages it well, spends only on the things she needs, and does away with wants. She believes wants are a luxury. If she goes spontaneous and decides to splurge, it’s because there’s something to celebrate or she’s like, ‘this once, I earned it!”

Her Mantra: I can’t afford this. I didn’t budget for that. I don’t have money!

Spendthrift Stacey 

This girl is a faithful member of the Yolo tribe. There’s never a dull moment with Stacey. She will spend on herself. She will spend on you. If you happen to be a frugal Francesca and friends with Spendthrift Stacey, you will lock horns a lot, because, ‘I don’t understand why you bought that. You Do Not Need It’. 

For the YOLO girl, spending is in her DNA – we got to give her that – budgeting and saving… an afterthought.

Her Mantra: You Only Live Once, Baby!

Money monk

The girl who believes acquiring and building wealth is vanity. 

For her having too much money and living large qualifies as a SIN. Now, some people may feel that Money Monks think this way because they lack, ‘when money comes they will change their tune’. However, a Money Monk who happens to be in possession of fortune would be in your neighborhood and you may not even know.  

Her Mantra: Moderation, and a simple life.

Investor Irene & Saver Sharon

I like to place the Investor and Saver into one category. They both want the same things – to preserve money – for the future – in the near future, or the future, future – we’re talking unborn kids!

Investor Irene would say something like this, ‘hey, instead of buying that iPhone with the money you just received, why not put it in this investment. There’s this investment plan I use where you can invest that amount and pull it out with interest in three months. You still get to buy your phone and you make extra money?’

Do you know any Investor Irenes or Saver Sharons? Do tell in the comments!

Their Mantra: How to make my money work for me?

Which girl are you?

Are you Frugal Francesca, Spendthrift Stacey, Money Monk, Investor Irene, or Saver Sharon?? Take a money personality test here.

Remember that it’s ultimately up to you the kind of relationship you have with money. Spendthrift Stacey can become Investor Irene if you take the deliberate actions needed to become her.

What do you say? Which will it be??

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