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Current openings.


Hi, I’m Ego, Founder of Every Girl Africa. By grace, and with your support, I plan on taking this community to great heights. 

We are always looking for talented people to contribute to the Every Girl Africa Community. We need inspiring African girls who are passionate about their tribe, and preach girl empowerment and personal growth. 

Are you passionate about writing? Are you creative in weaving words together to form unique pieces that can inform, educate, enrich, and engage people? Do you simply want to share your ideas so that people can learn from you and your experiences? 

This might be right for you if you love to write (or make videos), and you want to become an influencer in our community.

If you’d like to contribute, please note that we seek well informed content that are focused on the general lifestyle of every girl in Africa; from personal growth, to career development, to fashion, art, and more. Write around these topics or send us your own ideas here!

Essentially, if we like your idea(s) and it relates to every girl in Africa, then we would like to publish your work with full credits to you!

Feel free to share this news, and posts with everyone you think could be interested in becoming a contributor for Every Girl Africa.

I’m excited to have started this new adventure and I cannot wait to share more with you!

If you want to write for our community please contact us at and share some examples of post ideas that you have.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: All contributions are unpaid at this time. However, we hope that you will be compensated by the level of support we give you, by the opportunity of becoming part of a passionate team and by the opportunities that may come from working with Every Girl Africa:

  • A One on One with our editor to help with your writing chops.
  • Author credits with link(s) so people can follow your work.
  • Promotion of your article(s) across our platforms and through our partners.
  • Invites to all the cool events we organize and are invited to.
  • The Opportunity to network with influential investors, advisors and entrepreneurs.

We are always looking to grow our community and aim to be able to pay our contributors soon. We’ll let you know when that happens.