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Every Girl Africa started with a growing irritation at the way girls are constantly treated, and the way 89% of these girls portray themselves, especially in society. I had a feeling that 89% of these girls would hate to hear the truth, but I also thought that everyone deserves a change, and chance for better.

We are beautiful, great girls, however old we are, we deserve to respect ourselves and be respected.

Most importantly, on my life-long journey to personal growth, I didn’t feel like I should benefit alone from what I’ve been fortunate enough to learn, unlearn, and relearn, I always felt the need to carry my girls along, and every other girl who’ll let me, in Africa.

My wish for Every Girl Africa is for this community is to inspire healthier communities, and set clear paths for positive conduct and meaningful interaction. We believe that for every person to actualize their true desire for change, growth, and true potentials, they must develop the right attitudes, explore their strengths, apply their passion, become more attuned to their purpose, and develop their skills so that they can be all they can be.
Girls in Africa have been so devalued for the longest time, yet we have so much potential, that’s one reason why we love the growing global awareness to issues that affect girls; and we’re just excited to be a part of it now.

We like to think that what is different about the Every Girl Community is that as well as providing you with so much energy-driven and self-attaining information, we are also creating a hub where great relationships are built, lessons are learned, inspirations are met, and ultimately where every girl in Africa finds home.

The EGA community provides this website to help foster relationships with every girl in Africa, as we hope to inspire healthier communities, and set clear paths for meaningful sustainability, so you can make new friends and connect with other girls in Africa. Whether you’re a teenage girl, or a 70 year old girl, there’ll be something for you here!
Yes, totally free. You “join” the Every Girl Africa Community by being a part of the conversation on our Facebook Group, and signing up for our Mailing List. We’ll then send you regular but not-too-frequent updates on upcoming EGA MeetUps, Conference(s), Opportunities, and other necessary details or special offerings you need to know.

We’ll occasionally send you EGA Scoop emails that are paid for by advertising partners. These help us keep Every Girl Africa free and our events low-cost. Every Girl Africa Scoops are always about something we genuinely think you’ll be interested in, not random spammy stuff.
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Well, Girl now you’re talking! We love including new voices and ideas on the Every Girl Africa platform, and we definitely appreciate help, whether it’s contributing articles to the website or helping organize Every Girl Africa MeetUps.

Send us an email to contributors@everygirlafrica.com if you’ve got any ideas you’d like to share with us, with some writing samples if you’ve got any, and a detailed pitch.
Oh, dear! I love your enthusiasm. Although, you won’t be a part of our conversation if you’re male, you’ll find lot’s of useful information on Every Girl Africa platforms that will benefit both you and your girl.

Thanks for thinking about us, and thanks for being a pillar of support to us girls, as we are to you.

If you’re female, and not in Africa, we’d love to have you join our conversation and share your insights with us. Everyone here has a voice, you do too.

Never ever, ever. No matter how cool they are, we won’t do that because that’s just tacky (and against the law!).

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