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How to Quiet the Overwhelm of New Year Expectations

How to Quiet the Overwhelm of New Year Expectations

New Years come with colossal bursts of optimism, resolutions, expected change + action, and an undeniable pressure.

It’s important to recognize and acknowledge how you’re feeling about the New Year, taking advantage of that knowledge to seize control of whatever impending chaos or stress or burnout you may feel from the overwhelm of the new year expectations you’ve set for yourself.

Making new year resolutions have become such a cliche that it is now so arguably under-appreciated.

There are many people who make these resolutions because they NEED to make necessary promises to themselves, with faith in what they must change or acquire. 

It becomes a challenge keeping the faith and staying consistent on the work to manifest these changes, because YOU are taking on too much more than you can handle at a time.

How do you quiet the overwhelm of New Year expectations before you get burned out and risk underperforming?

  • Know that it’s okay to make resolutions. It’s okay to want control. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Making a commitment to achieving a goal can help you hold yourself accountable and ultimately follow through with it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting that.

  • Set healthy, sustainable boundaries that will help you avoid taking on too much at a time.

Setting healthy, sustainable boundaries can not only help you avoid taking on too much, but it can also help shape your focus, career, and your goals.

  • So much of uncertainty and discomfort comes from unmet expectations. Be flexible with those.

Being flexible with your expectations will allow you to engage your expectations differently. This will provide you with the option to reassess, reframe, and respond to those expectations, especially when things go beyond your control.

  • Let go of the idea of how it must be

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? What’s your idea of perfection? “The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.” – George Orwell. It’s great to want to get things right, but when life gets in the way, seeking perfection can make it harder to get it going again with as much enthusiasm as you did before. Strive for excellence dear friend, not perfection.

  • Keep an attitude of kindness towards yourself.

Remember to be kind to yourself, and flexible with your expectations. Let go of the idea of perfection and the idea of how it must be. Instead, make progress by asking yourself how you can be more flexible with your unmet expectation(s) and the discomfort you feel from it.

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Happy New Year!

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